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A database of Aquatic Animal Diseases developed at the CEFAS laboratory in Weymouth, The database is freely available via the internet so that it can provide benefits to a wide audience, including veterinarians, scientists and regulators with interest in aquatic animal health, as well as universities and students.
This is an interesting, if scary, site for aquaculture insurance specialists. Everything you need to know about harmful plankton blooms. Run by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of Unesco

Useful books for insurers.
For anyone in the insurance industry who is looking into the insurance of the shrimp industry, this is an excellent publication. Chapters, authors and details as follows: * INTRODUCTION o Technical Evolution of Shrimp Farming & Status of Global & Regional Production o Small-scale Shrimp Farmers: challenges & opportunities for better market access * THE SHRIMP o Functional Anatomy & Basic Physiology: Biology, Homeostasis, Reproduction. o The Molt Cycle o Larval & postlarval ontogenetic development & digestive physiology o Immunology & Immunostimulation o Genetics Review & Application * PRODUCTION SYSTEMS o Review of commercial broodstock production, maturation & hatchery production systems o Farm production systems: – Extensive & Integrated shrimp farming – Semiextensive: Ecuadorian model, Madagascar – Intensive: Indonesia, Peru, Belize, Thailand – Superintensive: USA (Hawaii) o Hydrobiology of paralic systems in farm site selection & water management o Pond & soil management o The application of re-circulation technology for intensive shrimp production (also in ponds, focus on microbial management systems - bioflocs technology) o Selective Breeding: SPF, Disease Resistance, Growth, Performance o BMPs & Certification Systems o An assessment of costs, benefits & impacts of aquaculture & fisheries standards o White Spot, an inflexion point for the industry * FEEDS & FEEDING o Nutrient Requirements & Current Status of Shrimp Nutrition Research o New horizons in Mineral & Vitamin Nutrition o Raw material evaluation strategies for shrimp diets - Optimising raw material sustainability o New horizons in Mineral & Vitamin Nutrition o Practical Feed Management o Neutraceuticals o Nutrition & shrimp health o Alternatives to marine fish meal & oils * BIOSECURITY & SHRIMP HEALTH MANAGEMENT o A Review of Shrimp Diseases, Diagnostics & Disease Issues in Commercial Shrimp Farms o Shrimp Response to Viral Pathogens o Concepts of Biosecurity Applied to Commercial Shrimp Farming Systems o From "Disease Control" to "Health Management"-changes in approach to shrimp production o Use of Antibiotics & Alternatives to Antibiotics in Shrimp Health Management: probiotics o Epidemiology: from surveillance to risk analysis o PCR in shrimp aquaculture: adoption & controversies o Sanitary committees, Mexico * POST HARVEST ISSUES o The World shrimp market o Microbiological safety in aquaculture shrimp/other safety issues related to processing o Maintaining quality of farmed shrimp to meet market demands

FAO publications on aquaculture insurance & risk management

Secretan, P.A.D. 2008. Aquaculture insurance industry risk analysis processes. In M.G. Bondad-Reantaso, J.R. Arthur and R.P. Subasinghe (eds). Study on understanding and applying risk analysis in aquaculture. FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper. No. 519. Rome, FAO. pp. 229–245.
A review focusing on the aquaculture insurable interests that are difficult to insure, generally as a result of the unique nature of the aquaculture industry, i.e. what it actually does, how it does it and the unusual risks it faces. By P.A.D. Secretan
The FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department have published Guidelines to meet insurance and other risk management needs in developing aquaculture in Asia, now available online.
A useful FAO publication designed to increase awareness of aquaculture producers worldwide, particularly those in developing countries, on the opportunities that aquaculture insurance can offer their businesses.


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