Crystal Bay Prawns survive Yasi but lose between 150 and 200 tonnes of stock.

Date: March 8, 2011

FOUR weeks to the day after surviving Cyclone Yasi, Crystal Bay prawns were yesterday awarded a Gold Medal and the Champion Prawn Award at the 2011 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Summer Aquaculture competition.

The Crystal Bay Prawns recognised with these awards were grown and processed in

Cardwell, North Queensland – Seafarm’s main site.

Cardwell was very close to the epicentre of Cyclone Yasi, and the town itself was severely damaged.

Seafarm’s operations were also significantly impacted, with substantial losses of prawns – it is estimated some 150-200T of prawns which were ready for harvest died as a result of the cyclone.

Ervin Vidor AM, Chairman of Toga Group of Companies and owner of Seafarm said “This is a very proud moment for Seafarm and Crystal Bay prawns.

Cyclone Yasi had a major impact on the farm and its dedicated staff, and I am very proud of our team Cardwell who endured great personal hardship and were still able to deliver Crystal Bay prawns that reflect their true quality”.

Dr Trevor Anderson, Seafarm General Manager, said “Champion Prawn is a great achievement, worthy of celebration in times of ease.

To win this award after being hit by the most severe cyclone in Queensland’s history is a huge credit to our staff who not only bred and grew the prawns prior to the cyclone, but kept them alive afterward and processed them with such care.”

The Royal Fine Food Show Summer Aquaculture competition, organised by The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, is a very prestigious event, and attracted many entries from the leading prawn growers in Australia.

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