A guide to Aquaculture Insurance - The Worldwide Market

Where can I get a downloadable overview of Aquaculture Insurance ?

A pdf document is available here.

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Are there any other places where I can find information on what is available in my country?

As we say elsewhere, talk to your local insurance community. They should be able to help you find underwriters to look at your business.

However, the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation - part of the United Nations) is conducting a "Review of the Current State of World Aquaculture Insurance."

The aim of the project is to produce the Review by the 3rd Quarter, 2005. A team of four experts is working on it, each one covering a different sector of the World. The information in the report should be very interesting, and should provide comprehensive information on the world aquaculture insurance market. When it comes out, we will see that information is posted on this site.

Where is aquaculture insurance most developed?

It is mainly in the developed countries that aquaculture insurance is most readily available. The countries of Europe, North America, some countries, such as Chile, in South America, plus in parts of South East Asia, and in countries like Japan and Australia, all have access to aquacultural insurance at a fairly sophisticated level.

It is probably true to say that insurance follows the sophisticated producers. That is to say, the multi-nationals with lots of sites in different countries tend to have very comprehensive coverage in place, across all their interests, wherever they may be. This means that if a large company has sites in a less developed nation, it may be protected by insurance, but local producers are not.



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